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Who and What is Savoia?


Lisa Savoia is the founder of Savoia Handbags. This regal Roman name dates back many centuries into the past and throughout the family history, the name Savoia, meaning “Royal House of Italy”, is synonymous with the most prestigious and the highest calibre of fashion, design and jewelry.

Lisa, true to the roots of her name, is a self-made and one-of-a-kind entrepreneur with a keen eye for trends and a passion for fine, unique novelty fashion statements.

Dedicating a lifetime of passion in the fashion industry , Lisa is always looking for fresh, innovative and trendy fashion and accessories. Lisa recognizes a hot new trend when she sees one. She now offers this handmade collection of her own custom wrapper handbags created especially for the discerning woman who cares not only about style and quality, but also the environment.

It might come as some surprise to learn that worldwide each day, thousands upon thousands of tons of candy wrappers and food packaging, newspapers and magazines deemed misprinted, unusable or seconds and become destined for the landfill. At Savoia Handbags, our team uses these discarded materials to create amazingly unique, one of a kind bags. Each bag is handwoven piece by piece by an individual craftperson, contributing to the quality and the pride of workmanship visible in each and every one of our products.

Check out the large choice of the many sizes, styles and colours available and buy your own fashion art now or, if you have specialized needs, our bags are easily customizable for charities or special events and both for corporate and individual needs.

In short, the extremely durable and beautiful clutches, purses and bags now offered by Savoia Handbags are all the rage. They’re hot! Celebrities are wearing these unique and trendy pieces of fashion art. You’ll be stopped again and again as your friends and even strangers will want to find out where you’ve bought your fantastic new fashion accessory.